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Nov 26, 2019

Welcome back to the show creators and creatives! Today our guest is interior designer, Nina Hiken of Nina Hiken Designs! Nina has a passion for bringing beauty into spaces through the use of color and texture and we chat about client relationships, current projects and the previous career Nina had in education. For Nina, every job is an opportunity to solve problems and unify themes for a client and she is fully focussed on bringing their dreams and personality alive through interior design. We discuss this approach in contrast to signature design styles and why she feels that, for now, she is very happy to work in strict adherence to client needs. She also believes that matching well with clients is imperative to good results, something she has grown to sense early on. Nina unpacks her adoration of color and the tactile, sensory feel of different materials, she also opens up about some of her dream projects for the future! We discuss Feng Shui, societal norms around cleaning up and the effect that our environments have on our headspace. For this and a whole lot more from a wonderful guest, be sure to listen in!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • Nina's experience firing a client after early problems that were unsolvable.
  • One of the most exciting projects that Nina has been working on recently.
  • The work that Nina did on Scott's own home and the fun she had on the project.
  • Distinguishing between interior design and interior architecture.
  • Bringing both spheres of the brain into play with interior design.
  • Nina's design language and how she currently focusses on the client first.
  • A sense of matching with clients and being selective of clients and jobs.
  • The importance of play and bringing emotion into whatever is being created.
  • Color and surface materials; how Nina works from these two fundamental points.
  • The influence of public art and beauty on societal mindsets.
  • Nina's career as a teacher and her experiences in the classroom.
  • Feng Shui and the rules of good energy in any space.
  • Japanese practices around school kids and tidying and cleaning spaces.
  • Homogeneity and style coherence in neighborhoods.
  • The advice Nina would give a younger version of herself!
  • Listening to inner intuition and our internal dialogue's clear messages.
  • Spec-work in Nina's field; walkthroughs and communication early on.
  • Nina's use of apps and new technologies in her design work and portfolio. 

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