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Sep 26, 2018

In this episode, hosts Man One and Sourdough go deep on the perils of artists working with brands and agencies. They explore the dysfunctional relationship agencies have clients and freelancers and what it can mean for artists who try to work with them. Man One and Sourdough discuss how to manage professional disappointment and the emotional fallout when clients screw you -- and they will. ______ ABOUT THE SHOW Not Real Art is for everyone. But, like art itself, it’s appeal will most definitely vary. Long-time collaborators, creators and hosts, Man One and Scott “Sourdough” Power are proud of Not Real Art’s unique, devil-may-care approach to discussing the current state of contemporary art and culture. If you’re looking for an over intellectualized high brow podcast about contemporary art produced in an ivory tower, Not Real Art isn’t for you. But, if you prefer your cultural fare raw and unfiltered from the front-lines, Not Real Art will definitely suffice. Not Real Art is pro-artist and anti-art snob. Not Real Art aims to celebrate and elevate contemporary artists while calling out hypocrisy and corruption in the art world. Of course, we'll have lots of laughs along the way! The Not Real Art podcast is produced and distributed by Crewest Studio in Los Angeles.