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Dec 22, 2018


Sourdough with Jon Steinberg and Eric Winter from ABC's The Rookie

This episode is a bit different, because our usual partner in crime and regular cohost, Man One, can’t be here today. Instead, we’ve asked a couple of friends from the entertainment business to come in and co-host the show. So, in this episode we are joined by Eric Winter and Jon Steinberg. Eric is a successful actor, producer, and children’s book author who’s currently playing Officer Bradford on ABC’s The Rookie. Jon is a former actor turned entrepreneur and is the creator and executive producer of The Rookie. Inside this episode we dive into what brings us together as artists, no matter what medium you work in and how we all face similar challenges. We also dive into real life stories of a carjacking, an intense police car ride-along through a gang Christmas party, and new story ideas for The Rookie that encompasses the world of graffiti artists. We end it off by discussing Eric and Jon’s new projects and what it means to live a lifestyle that celebrates the arts and supports creativity. For an incredible conversation, stay tuned to today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • A little background on Eric and Jon’s careers
  • Importance of being creatively passionate about what you do.
  • Why we need to remember to see art as a business and marketplace.
  • Recognizing that as artists we need to always be prepared work our asses off!
  • Jon’s journey, experience, and process towards getting his big break.
  • Understanding why it is important to actually sell your art.
  • The elevator pitch and quick overview of The Rookie.
  • Story of when Sourdough got car-jacked.
  • A police ride-along during the evening of a gang Christmas party.
  • Learning to separate the shit from the gold in our art.
  • Sourdough’s story idea for The Rookie.
  • Eric’s journey as a children’s book author.
  • What’s next for Jon and Eric in their careers.
  • Dynamics and complexities of being a multi-disciplinary artist.
  • And much more!


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